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As lean and mean Civil and Structural Engineers we have honed these skills by working predominantly in the design and build sector for 29 years.

With this level of exposure our clients have demanded that our designs give them the edge at tender stage, yet deliver a civil and structural solution that is robust, whilst maximising our client’s profits.

We train all of our staff to think differently from our competitors by:

  • Creating a challenging and exciting culture in the office and with our clients.

  • Seeing our clients as part of the team where we can synergise ideas for a win-win outcome.

  • Value our structural designs in context of the whole project and the commercial viability.

  • Use our extensive experience and leading software to give our clients the edge.

  • Keep abreast of new materials and techniques to make sure they add value to the project.

  • See new legislation as an opportunity to turn to our client’s advantage.

  • Adoption of the principles of “Lean Thinking” – which results in highly cost efficient outcomes.

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